Hunger Games 30 Day Challenge.

So I’m doing this 30 Day Challenge thing. Warning: spoilers in my posts, so if you haven’t read the series/read the entire thing yet, you probably shouldn’t read. 

DON’T SPOIL THE SERIES FOR YOU. THEY’RE REALLY GOOD BOOKS AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU DON’T CARE BUT ONE DAY YOU MIGHT READ THEM AND YOU’LL REGRET IT. Each of my posts will be truncated & have an image between the question and stuff so you know spoilers are coming.

Also, if you’re a Hunger-Games oriented blog, like my post and I might follow you. 

Since I’m still not over the fact that I finished the whole trilogy in 3 days (during finals, as well. Didn’t study as much as I’d like to, nor get enough sleep as I wanted to (stayed up reading until 1 when I had 3 finals the next day)) and it’s been two days. I still mourn over Finnick’s death, and Mockingjay in general… 

DAY ONE: Your favorite character: FINNICK ODAIR. 

Sweet, caring, charming. Not just amazingly gorgeous or funny, but he’s got real depth. He loves a mad girl, and he’s so real. He fights for what he believes in, and he dies in doing so. You think at first he’s just one of those guys who goes through troves of lovers whenever he wants, but really that was just President Snow. He’s honest and loyal. 

Coming very very close behind him is Katniss Everdeen. So many things about her, but to make a long story short she (and Finnick) and just overall BAMFs. 

Posted on Saturday at 1:29pm